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We don’t do models named „Mountaingoat“ or „Lightning“. Your frame carries your name on its toptube, and that’s the only name it will ever get. Hence stating a price is not that easy.

If you are interested in a frame best get in touch and let me know what it is you’re after. I will then get back to you to let you know whether I am the man to help you make your dream come true. If that’s the case the next step is a phone or a scype call in the course of which we will talk about your cycling background and your future plans. If you then feel we should go ahead with your frame or your bike together I will suggest a time slot for the building of your frame. A non refundable downpayment of 250 Euro seals this then. After that I will do a CAD drawing based on your body measurements. With that as a base we discuss all details. Come your time all that will be ready and I build your frame. The rest of the payment is due at the time the frame is finished, with complete bikes it two weeks before that.

Prices of the frames depend on details, a fixed gear with straight chain- and seatstays is of course less work and therefore cheaper than an MTB with S-bend stays, S &S couplers and Rohloff dropouts. Butted tubes will also raise the price. I use Ti3Al2.5V tubes and Paragon Machine Works dropouts, and bottom bracket shells or for my own for 12mm throughaxle or lowmount brakes in general. Welding wire is Ti6AL4V ELI, gas is Argon 5.0. There may be cheaper solutions, but to my knowledge there are no better ones. Every frame is checked for straightness and aligned if necessary, all bearing seats and the seattube are reamed to size. Then every frame is finished by hand before the name and the headbadge are added. If you want your frame painted, either in part or complete, that is also possible with a surcharge, as are other options. Feel free to suggest what you want.

Prices start at 2850,- Euro (including 19% German VAT). This includes either a 1.125″, or a ZS44, or a Headshock headtube.